Creating Sarah Sullivan

Creating Sarah was a great accomplishment for me. I am a deep thinker and an even deeper analyzer. One day, I myself was stuck in a rut. I felt life was missing something, and I had to figure it out. I took myself out of my head, placed my brain and too many crazy thoughts and started to create this girl who just felt like she took a wrong turn in life. She had higher hopes, wanted more things out of life, and just couldn’t figure out how she ended up where she was. It was then I realized I had something with this idea. I sat down one day at the computer and literally wrote out the words “at some point in my life I took a wrong turn.” From there it all came pouring out. The creation of Sarah Sullivan.

Poor Sarah, she had it all. Then lost it. It takes us through Sarah’s life after her downfall and suddenly stuck in this rut, she calls her life. As you read the story of how Sarah attempts to manage her life and all the obstacles that get thrown her way, you find yourself relating a lot to Sarah. As Sarah learns, the shinier things in life aren’t always the best. Sometimes we all need to take a step back and see how our life can be better when you stop taking advantage of the little things in life. And sometimes.. Sometimes you find love where you least expect it.

Sarah Sullivan is a piece of every girl trying to make it in life with love, to heart ache and just trying to get themselves out of there rut. I hope you enjoy Sarah, as much as I enjoyed creating her!

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